Login Problems

This is the place for any problems you experience prior to logging in to the TAC marketing platform. This could be anything from signing up to signing in or any other problems you are having before logging in.

Wallet Issues

This forum is for people having problems creating wallets, backing up wallets, restoring wallets, or general wallet usage questions. We tried to make sure the wallet is simple to use with walk through features, but bugs can appear from time to time and this is the place to get support.

Random Chatter

A place for random chatter.

Social Network

Any problems you find with the social network, social profiles, friend requests, posts, or social sidebar ads can be brought here. Whether there is some sort of problem or something you just need cleared up you can bring it to this forum.

Traffic Exchange

Was your site rejected? Ask why here. Find out why your website was suspended or rejected. Report bugs you find in the traffic exchange. Report websites that are inappropriate. Report known scams. Anything relating to the traffic exchange can be asked or reported here.

Banner Exchange

Ask questions related to our banner exchange, how to use the banner exchange code, how the banner exchange works, how targetting works, why your banner was rejected, or anything else relating to the banner exchange.

Article Exchange

Ask any questions you have about our article exchange, why your articles may have failed the automated checks, report poor quality articles, learn how the exchange works, or any other problem you may experience with the article exchange can be reported here.